Monday, 21 December 2015

Messing around with Dialga

Hey Fools! This'll be a short instalment wherein I have a look at a few Dialga spreads and movesets that I theorymonned.

File:Dialga M10 manga.png

I think the Sinnoh cover legendaries are the some of the best looking Pokémon in the game. Dialga being the best looking of the lot, naturally. Apart from its aesthetic awesomeness, Dialga also has some great stats:

The 150 base Special Attack is so awesome, one would naturally think that dumping 252 EVs into SpA would be the most mindless and best option for it. While it is not a bad idea to do so, there are also other worthwhile options available. For example, Dialga along with Palkia are both able to learn Trick Room, and are two of three previously banned legendaries that can learn Trick Room in the VGC format, the other being Mewtwo. So perhaps a TR (Trick Room) set focused less on full frontal assault and more on speed control assistance should be considered.

Due to its unique, fantastic type combination, Dialga has a plethora of resistances, the important ones being: Normal, Water, Grass, Rock; an immunity to Poison; and only two weaknesses being Fighting and Ground. Now in order to make Dialga a worthwhile addition to a team there are some important attacks we need to survive.

A very obvious candidate whose attacks need to be survived, is Primal Groudon.
252+ SpA Primal Groudon Earth Power vs. 220 HP / 108 SpD Dialga: 168-200 (82.7 - 98.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252+ Atk Primal Groudon Precipice Blades vs. 220 HP / 124 Def Dialga: 168-198 (82.7 - 97.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Another attack that needs to be survived is Mega Kangaskhan's Low Kick. Using this great attack survival calculator ->, I calculated that 220 HP / 124 Def would need to be used to always survive the attack from Adamant Mega Kangaskhan.

And finally Mega Rayquaza, that damage output monster:

252+ Atk Choice Band Mega Rayquaza Outrage vs. 220 HP / 124 Def Dialga: 166-196 (81.7 - 96.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Xerneas is also a threat since its Fairy Aura boosted attacks dish out tonnes of damage.

+2 252+ SpA Fairy Aura Xerneas Dazzling Gleam vs. 220 HP / 108 SpD Dialga: 135-160 (66.5 - 78.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

So, as it stands our spread looks as such: 220 HP / 124 Def / 108 SpD. That leaves us with 56 EVs spend. And we still haven't chosen a nature yet! Quiet synergises really well with Trick Room, but Modest can be used for better functionality in and out of Trick Room. Let me explain why. Both Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre are base 90, the same as base speed as Dialga. Quiet/Brave, 0 IV Primals are not uncommon in this early stage of the format. So out of Trick Room, a Modest Dialga would obviously out speed. This information is important for the best of three format we play (sometimes, and sadly not always Bo3). 

Since we're feeling excessively Foolish today, dump 52 EVs into SpA and the remaining 4 into Speed (with 1 Speed IV and 4 EVs this puts Dialga at one point faster than minimum speed Primals. It should be noted that Draco Meteor from Dialga will OHKO Mega Rayquaza with the greatest of ease:

20 SpA Dialga Draco Meteor vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Mega Rayquaza: 212-252 (100 - 118.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO
Spr 6x 483 s.png
Dialga @ Adamant Orb / Mental Herb / Sitrus Berry /
Quiet nature - 1 Speed IV
220 HP / 124 Def/ 52 SpA / 108 SpD / 4 Speed
Pressure - ability
- Draco Meteor
- Flash Cannon
- Trick Room
- Protect

Other notable moves: Aura Sphere. Iron Head, Earth Power, Ancient Power, Gravity, Dragon Claw, Outrage. 

Physical Dialga, whilst not the most obvious or common choice, is also viable.

116+ Atk Choice Band Dialga Iron Head vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Xerneas: OHKO 

So as we can see the "surprise butt sex" version of Dialga is super cheesy, but can catch people off guard. With some speed control support, this celestial behemoth can really do some damage.

For any One Piece fans out there Tenryubito is the best nickname I could come up for Dialga.
Here's a quick battle to show off how unexpected Iron Head Dialga is ->

Hope you enjoyed this short piece!

- Jayhonas

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