Saturday, 27 September 2014

Lapras set and spread

Hey Fools! Just a quick update here about an EV spread I worked out for Lapras.

I've always struggled playing against Rain, as my teams seldom have something that outright resists Ludicolo, Politoed and the lesser used Kingdra. Until now that is!

Vaporeon and Lapras are both useful in countering the rain archetype, since they both get Water Absorb as an ability. However, Freeze Dry is this really cool move that does super-effective damage against Water-type Pokémon. And Lapras gets access to it! So that made my decision easier.

After having chosen Lapras, however, I was really unsure of whether to go for Shell Armour or Water Absorb as my ability. I thought having Water Absorb could prove a bit superfluous, as Lapras already has resistances to water and ice moves (both common on Rain team Pokémon, as we all know).

I needed to take my current team into account when deciding on my ability. There wasn't a lot of bulk on it, and having an out to heal back HP was more tempting than never being hit with crits. So I started with Water Absorb and worked my way on from there.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Interesting Pokémon that we didn't even bother using for VGC 2014

Hey Fools, first off, there are no such things as bad Pokémon, only bad players. I jest! I would never dream of using some Pokémon, ever. Despite this, I think there are some cool 'mons that were introduced in Gen VI that weren't given a shot. Let's get right into it.

When I was first planning my team for Worlds, I was torn between Rain and Trick Room. Obviously that plan fell through, but I was looking at Dragalge as an option for a TR Dragon. It's Poison/Dragon typing is pretty cool, since it takes neutral from Fairy-types. It also has 65 / 90/ 123 defenses which is pretty great. However, there were two huge flaws in using this algae-looking Dragon.

1) It does nothing against Mawile. At all. Short of Hidden Power Fire, it can't touch Mawile. This is clearly a giant flaw, as Mawile is really common and is able to easily KO Dragalge. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Hey Fools! A very hearty thanks from Stephen and I to you, all our readers who have visited the blog over the past 9 months. We started out really ambitiously, then sort of died down a bit, then we had a resurgence when I won Nats, and it slowly lulled back into the slump in which we find ourselves now. 10 thousand views is a lot and I feel the need to apologise to you all. You come here expecting content, and are only met with a rather lacklustre couple of updates over the past few months.

I guess this can be attributed to a few factors, but I think it mostly boils down to: a) Steve and I both have degrees that require our full attention. I have two and a half months left of my BCom Accounting degree and Steve... Well, Steve needs to focus on his art too, I guess :P he's a really talented artist.

b) Since I didn't go to Worlds, I didn't have much to update on regarding that. OTHER THAN: If you look in the Jan/Feb articles I totally made mention to how good Pachi-boy (Pachirisu) is. I'm also incredibly glad Sejun won. I am a huge fan of his, and he performs so consistently. I am glad he is finally able to claim the title as 'Best Pokémon Trainer in the World'. Congratulations to Johannes Bothma who managed to go! Good job repping SA matey.

Pachirisu is god-like
We are well underway with the PFG VGC 2014 tournament. I want to say thanks again to Dale for organising and administrating the entire thing. We here at Pure Fool's Gold basically just get to slap our names on the tournament :P I hope to get a write up from the winner of the whole thing, and naturally, I too will do a write-up of the team I used.

I also see that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire launch in November, basically the same time as Smash Bros. for Wii U launches. So that's gonna be a total conundrum. But as it stands now, I guess I can get one of them for Christmas (Mum pls ;~; ).

In conclusion

  • will Stephen ever complete VGC Essentials! - pt 2.? We shall have to watch and wait, my fellow Fools.
  • will I ever be able to win a match on Showdown!? Like seriously.
  • who will take away the prize of being titled 'the Biggest Fool of them all' when our tournament reaches it closure? 
  • find out in the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z (or as my gf says: Dragon Balls :/ )
  • and of course, thanks again to all our fans and readers who have helped us reach 10k views. I guess, and hope, that the next 10k will come even sooner.
All the best from my side!

Monday, 8 September 2014

The Pure Fool's Gold 2014 VGC Competition is live!

Hey gang, I am proud to say that our very first tournament is underway! For those of you who are keen to seen what's happening or just to see who's paired up against who, head on over to Challonge and see what's happening in the tournament.

To all the competitors: best of luck and if you're able to, try to save your Battle Video and send me the Vid no. so we can watch your matches afterwards.

I, for one, am very excited for this tournament. It allows us to have a good send off for the 2014 VGC format and to spend time with our fellow South Africans and create a better, more visible VGC scene for our country.

I've take the liberty of posting some info from an email Dale sent to the participants, in case anyone is curious at all:

You may use different teams for each round but the same team has to be used for match per round.

You have a week until the results need to be posted, if not a coin flip will determine who proceeds to the next round which will be done on the Monday after the deadline.

If you match is completed beforehand you and your future opponent is known, you may attempt to organise a match before the deadline.

The reason for the deadlines is due to not all people being able to play all games on a specific day.
If you miss more than 2 rounds you will be marked as withdrawn.

A round is best of 3 matches.

Round 1 Deadline - 14 Sept 2014
Round 2 Deadline - 21 Sept 2014
Round 3 Deadline - 28 Sept 2014
Semi Finals - 5 October 2014
Finals - 12 October 2014 (rAge weekend)