Monday, 25 August 2014

Exciting VGC 2014 Tourney

Hey Fools, we're back in action with an exciting new tournament! My friend Dale Schwikkard has organised an awesome online VGC 2014 tournament, and we here at Pure Fool's Gold have the absolute pleasure of hosting this prestigious event :D

The entry form is right ->>> here !!!

We'll be using Challonge to do all the pairings etc. and registrations are open til the 6th September so be sure to sign up and have a blast. We're doing this to build a better, more active VGC community in South Africa.

There will be prizes for the Top 2 players and a random prize for a lucky other contestant. We'll be giving away our super awesome PFG shirts*. If you saw either Stevey or myself then you'd know just how desirable these shirts are :P

We'll update this original post with more information as it arises.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

We'll be back soon!

Hey Fools, sorry for the content drought of late! Steve and I will post more content as the season starts to kick in again. As you all know, we're both very busy with our degrees, but we promise we'll find the time to make more quality content throughout the months to come :D

Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on our Twitter accounts :(@Jayhonas and @SteveBaPanda). We'll let you all know as soon as we have something good to say.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Signing out for a while

Hey Fools, it is with a sad heart that I say that Steve and I will be putting this blog on hold for the next while. It can be seen as a smart move, since there aren't really any competitions from now until forever...

But, with that said, when the competitions start rolling through again, we will swiftly make this website active again. Maybe we'll even do a playthrough type thing of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Thanks for sticking with us thus far, and we'll see you after the hibernation!